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“I wrote a Facebook request to my contacts asking who to hire for IT help and Spartan was referred to me through several people. I would highly recommend their services.”

Judith Mackin

The challenge: Tuck had been on a cloud system that was no longer effective for their needs. They needed to streamline employees’ phones, computers, and internet, to one easy location.

Our solution: Simple. We assessed their needs and recommended and implemented Google Drive. Now they have the freedom to focus on creating amazing interior design not IT issues.

How it helped: “We needed Spartan’s help to organize our team under one easy program. They were able to quickly set us up on Google Drive which provided us with a far more streamline option. Like many small to mid-sized businesses, we aren’t well versed in IT issues. Our expertise is selling design and by providing us with the tools we need, we can focus on what matters most to us which is running a successful design business and prioritizing our day to day operations. Spartan helped alleviate the stress and worry we were experiencing with our former cloud system. Information Technology requires a completely different skill set. Spartan’s work has allowed us the freedom to focus on what matters most which is our design work and our clients.”  Judith Mackin, Founder and Designer, Tuck Studio, Saint John


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