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“Spartan handles our IT issues but they also assist with our payroll and accounting software needs. They have a full-time, in-house team member that helps us with any accounting questions we may have.”

Kate Boyd

The challenge: The Huntsman struggled to provide researchers, employees and guests reliable WiFi reach to multiple buildings across their campus in their semi-remote location in St. Andrews, New Brunswick

Our solution: We used several tools to increase WiFi reach to all buildings and departments. Now employees and visitors have the freedom to work anywhere on campus without worrying about their WiFi dropping out.

How it helped: “We have always had a problem with reliable and reachable internet access here at the Huntsman. We’ve worked with Spartan for many years. We don’t have a designated IT department and we don’t need one as they take care of all of our IT needs. Last fall, we reached out to them about expanding our WiFi reach here on campus. Our needs and client base are ever-changing and it was important to provide our visitors with reliable internet access, something we couldn’t do at the time. Spartan worked with the local internet provider to help us obtain Fibre Op, while expanding our WiFi reach. Now, we can offer our researchers, guests and visitors solid, reliable internet access at any location here at the Huntsman. Spartan has given us the freedom to work and play from anywhere on campus.”  Kate Boyd, Manager of Finance and Administration, Huntsman Marine Science Centre, St. Andrews.


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